Various Projects

Breda University of Applied Sciences

Formerly known as NHTV

Procedural Greenhouses

2018 September – February

This was a personal project, mainly using Houdini and Unreal engine to create the greenhouse. All of the foliage was used from the “Open world demo collection” or the “Infinity blades: grasslands” libraries from the unreal market place

My task: develop a procedural tool for creating greenhouses. Focus on usability, low bake times, and flexibility.

I am very honored to have my work show up in the games real of SideFX this year:

Anti Gravity Race game

2017 February – August

A group project, in a team of 20 we created a anti gravity race game. My task was to create a procedural track-tool which placed assets made by artist, later the designers would use it to create the tracks.

Tool creation

Tool is created in Houdini, then using Houdini engine it is used in Maya where the racetrack will be exported towards the proprietary engine

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